To succeed the requirements of our clients, MPVI counts on the quality management system credited under the norm ISO 9001, since 2007, maintaining the continuous improvement process. MVPI has a metrology laboratory equipped with high precision equipment, environmental control, and conventional instruments for measuring product compliance, also has equipment traceable to national standards for internal calibration according to a schedule established.

In MPVI we have the next equipment:

- Maquina de medición por coordenadas CRYSTA PLUS M7106
- Medidor de alturas Linear Height LH600
- Comparador Óptico PH-A14 con QM DATA 200
- Rugosimetro SJ-201
- Calibradores digitales, Micrómetros digitales,
- Indicadores de carátula, Indicadores digitales.
- Verificadores Pasa-No pasa para Diámetros interiores, exteriores, rosca hembra y rosca macho.